Saturday, December 5, 2009

042209 Rocket Science

I'm launching rockets. There are three of them. One of the rockets have a short launch stick. All three rockets have bright orange cones on their noses. Inside the short one's clear plastic nose, I've stashed my weed. I go to launch them with Dad. Little brother show up to chase them and retrieve them for me. I launch all three of them. I have to get to them first so I can get my stash. They all go up with a wisp of white smoke behind them. One rocket goes straight up out of sight. Dad asks me about the stumpy one. I can see through the plastic cone that the bag of weed is in there.

042209 Pushing Cable

I'm pushing a cable thru a tube at the twins. It gets stuck and wont go all the ways. I have a video camera on an automatic stand inside one of the twin's bed room. The zoom is stuck on full zoom. I pan across the room. The wall paper has print patterns of different ways a woman can pleasure herself. As I pan around the room, I get to one of the twins on her bed with a white blouse on. I climb on loose 2x4's and sheet rock walls. I try to zoom in a little closer. She leaves the room. She looks back over her should at me. I go in the room to pull the cable through the tube. It has a glow rod in it's package stuck in the tube. I pull it out so I can get the cable thru the tube.

042209 Office Band

There's a band in an office setting. They are singing harmonies through ordinary office equipment. The bass singer is singing through the desk intercom. The drummer's pounding a broom on the ground and tapping a water jug. The tenor is singing trough a cell phone to another one. One range is through the computer's mic and speakers. The boss is at his desk. The intercom rolls around the office.

042209 Naked

I'm naked in the shower. I'm bent over the drain. Marsha comes behind me. She puts her finger in my bellybutton . I'm surprised to see her. I get up. She's showering with me. I wash her back, shoulders breasts and belly. I put my finger in her belly button. I slightly wash her back. We're then dressed. She sees a man she's with and kisses him for a long time. Her skirt is so short, I can see her panties through her stockings.

020709 Wood Walls

I'm at Mike B's. Lots of wood on the walls. Mookie is running around the place. We go outside. It's dark. There are flower beds and backyard lights. Mookie looks pointing between he house and hedge way. Mike goes "she sure is attentive." I look at the wall. It goes straight up wood, no windows. It has psychedelic spots. It's massive and completely vertical.

022209 Prisoner Camp

I'm at a prisoner camp. I'm a solider and we have prisoners. An officer shows up. He tells me we have prisoners that are captured for poisoning troops with a chemical, according to the Laws of War. The chemicals are to be burned so that the wind blows into their cells. Also, any bodies as a result of their crimes are to be burned. He sits a box on an outdoor chain link fence cage behind the cells. The cage is about the size of a dog area. The cells and prison are made of old barn wood. The poison box looks to be made with a base of loose stone. The wind picks up in just the right directions. I stand up wind to watch the burn. I think the prisoners are lucky there are no bodies. They'd have to be burned too. The wind picks up. The fire burns hot. I go into the office next to the cells. I look out a back window and see that the smoke is blowing through and around the cells. I never see a prisoner. I hear one cough as to clear hi throat. I return to the fire. As I walk out the door, I loose my pack of cigarettes on the ground when they fall out of my pocket. I look at the chain link cage where the box burned. Nothing of the box is left. The chain link and the wood boards it's built out of are hot. The ashes have fallen below into the cage. I can feel the heat on the chain link fence and wood. I return to find where I dropped my smokes. There's an empty crushed pack on the ground.

020709 Fast Car

I'm riding in the back seat of a fast car. It's got a group of friends. We're under a bridge. There's a spiral road that goes up to the bridge, up the side on each edge of the bridge. The spiral road is in 3 segments. When we get to the top segment, the driver isnt sure the car will make it. I get out and look. The gravel's has been smoothed out and the car goes around it completely accelerated. When we get to the road on the bridge, we get out and stand around as in a park. It's very hight up above the water. There's wind and safety chains. Without crossing the bridge, we go down another spiral over the opposite edge road.

020709 Equine Building

A young woman and I are checking the fence near a large white equine building. Her dad; white cowboy hat, white mustache, shirt & clothing, explains that the white wide slate fence needs mending. The girl is helping me inspect the supporting posts. Her dad is off in the distance somewhat watching us. The supporting post have a reversed spring clip. Kind of like a clothes pin spring, only one end that straight. I move to the next post and show the girl it's secure. Same with the next support post that's almost next to it. The girl's aroused dilated eyes, puffed up lips and nipples. She goes without saying, "arent you going to kiss me.” Bob's brown hair, brown eyes, work overalls.

020709 Class Project

Class project: build a robot. A dude in charge of the project says we're gonna combine electronic things and make a robot. The main element is a vacuum robot. But it doesnt have any breaks to stop. We decide to use a blower to reverse direction of the robot to stop it. I cut a fan blower out of a stuffed monkey ear for the project robot. I sew monkey ear back on, less the component. We complete the robot project. All it does is sit on display, glorified, while project dude discusses it in class.

020509 White Donut

I have to take a s***. I'm supposed to eat it in the toilet. All kinds of grunting noises and "I'm gonna gag" sounds. The poo comes out like a white donut in the bottom of the toilet.

020509 Record Company

I'm in a giant record company. I'm walking up and down the hallways past the various office spaces. I'm thinking, "Wow this is how you'd get a foot in the door." In one room, a man with a new leather coat is standing next to a rack w/a turn table playing guitar. There's a box set of Keith Richards. He's learning licks off it. I introduce myself. He shows me around his room where a band is mulling around. The skinny man in a new leather coat takes my up the hallway a little farther where a productions is going on. I'm a little out of place. I make my way into a giant sound stage. There are a hundred people, some in chairs, some sitting on the floor and risers in the back cross legged. I sit cross legged on the floor, cross legged, seemingly to fit in.

The producer brings over my script of various sizes and various colors of scraps of paper. Apparently, I'm reading to an animation on the screen. I'm oblivious to what's going on during the part I'm supposed to say the letters "e a e g b e." I cant get it right. Someone yells he's supposed to have it memorized. The producer comes over for some explaining.

Cop Stops

A Cop stops me. Steve's with me. The Cop cant look up DMV until I close my $10 account. I drive off to get my wallet to pay him. Return and settle up. I go to a house I used to live. I'm looking through an enormous piles of things. Steve starts whinnying about a plastic container with electronic components sorted out that he wants. So, I throw it at him. I climb down off the heap. I notice a paw upside down on the floor. I push it with my finger. I see eyes open up. It's a de-clawed tiger. Other than opening it's eyes, it's all it does. It goes back to sleep. I wander out of the stuff to the outside.

013009 A Guys House

I'm installing at a guys house. He was at his girl friends apartment. Kids and toys are everywhere. There is a lady kissing kids on the head. She accidentally kisses me on the head through a doorway vale. I'm going “You dont wanna kiss my dirty hair.” Mistakenly, I hit his grunge pipe and drink his beer in a glass. The guy shows me where the antenna goes. The existing one is way up on top of a giant barn. I step back to see it. The antenna's there. There's also a huge Lazar pointed motionized antenna. It's dark gray, over 20 feet long, and like a Star Wars Jedi ship.

I realize I didnt bring my ladder cos I wasnt far away and I have only one install. I get in my F150. I decide to drive over a hill through the field to the road. The field turns out to be nearly vertical. I drive thru the hay rows to the road. I get my ladder. I thought I got my nice orange one. But,, I grabbed my blue one which is unassembled. I get back to the install site. I ask the customer where the cables go. He doesnt know and shows me behind the TV. I try channeling the TV. It's DTV so I cant channel anything but channel 3. I go that's okay. We go out to the antenna. We go in th barn to find a roof access cos my ladder is in pieces. The customer starts digging out hundreds of toys and items to get in the room where the items are. A pet dog yelps after a swimming tube lands on it. I walk back out the thru front. The building is a warehouse. There are out door summer tents inside.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

7/13/3 6am radioactivity recovery triage facility

I'm at a radioactivity recovery triage facility. I'm interested in all the activity going on. I'm in line in the reception room. The nurses hand out white protective clothing, over coat, hat, booties. Mine isn't a hat, but a loose weave gauze bag I hold over my mouth. There is a woman pharmacist with short stringy hair. All of her replies to my questions are in pharmaceutical words. In the waiting room all the people are okay. There is a line to the receptionist. There are chairs around the outside of the waiting room by the windows. There are magazines on the coffee tables. I go in back where boy is being re-rated for radiation poisoning. What could he be doing to get radiated.

111709 basket ball

I'm playing basketball in the gymnasium at William Clark elementary school. There are a lot of other people playing ball on the court. It's a mixed crowd of men and women. I'm playing pretty good with passes and shots. A young Brian is playing in his basketball clothing. There is a circle of chairs around center court. There are people sitting in them. It's time for a break. Everyone's standing around. I notice a piano in the corner and sit down to do some playing, I'm playing the old Bb F C progression, but I'm grabbing wrong notes around the Bb. An unkempt man comes up. He sits down next to me and tells me I cant play. He closes the keyboard cover. At first I compy, agreeing the stop. Then I get a little mad and go " you smell like booze, have you been drinking?" He's unshaven, suit coat is wrinkled. Then I go "hey, what are you doing telling me not to play." We end up in the hallway. By this time, he's backing down and I'm loosing it. I'm up in his face. He's up against the wall.

061609 an old girlfriend

I'm with an old girlfriend. She's recently married. Shows me the wedding ring. Her husband wants me to shovel cement. He's Hispanic. Hi gives me a shovel. I tell him he should hire Mexicans to shovel cement. He shows me a bunch of money, He doesnt speak English. He gets mad and gets a pistol. He's so mad he throws the gun at me. It bounces on the street, but barrel but barrel. I'm going it's gonna go off. A skateboard kid comes up. says this gun is from the gun store. I say dont touch it. I pick it up with the sleeve of my shirt. I go call 911. Call 911

061609 modern building

I'm at a gathering in a modern building. I'm gonna play my guitar for the group but I dont have it. So I go get my guitar. One of the members of the group is Bill Gates, dresses n a very nice gray suite & yellow tie. He goes "I'm sick" and tries to put his head in the couch cushions he's sitting on. I got the get my guitar. My ammo boxes are strewn out all over the floor and the contents. I go get an acoustic guitar. The fret board fits my hand. I go back to the gathering. a pretty brunette shows me which room I'm in. I put my hand on her waist, lingering a longer than casual show has on a deep red silk dress. I get to the room.. It's a large convention area with lots of glass windows. My ammo boxes are put away and stacked in a pyramid. There's a large group gathered and a stage by the window