Saturday, November 20, 2010

Grandma's Back Porch

DREAM 06/13/2009

Grandma's Locked-out
I'm just arriving at my apartment. My Grandma, who lives next door has locked herself out of her apartment. She want me to open my apartment back door to the common porch so she can get in her place [confusing that opening my back door lets her in her apartment, parallel universe, but then this is a dream]. I unbolt the lock to the door to the common area. We go out on the porch. Her fruends are there and we sit and visit. She can now get in her apartment next door through her back door.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Blue Bolt of Electrical Energy

Lecture hall. Elevated risers descending to the front row. Where there is to be a stage are large pane glass windows. There are quite a few people in the seats. A few people are just walking around the hall. The doors are in the back. Rows of steps lead down the stands with 12 or so seats between them. I enter the hall through the doors and step down toward the front. As I get to the front first step, I see a large glass bulb moving along tracks that are attached to the ceiling. They go above the steps, down the isle, and turn a few rows up to the right, which would be stage left. They stop over one of the seats seemingly at random, but they can't be random because they are tracks. The bulb enters the hall. It's emitting a bright blue bolt of light. The glass bulb is an upside down tear drop that comes to a long fine tip pointing down. As it travels along the track, the blue bolt of electric energy goes along the floor, up the row and stops over one of the seats that has a table top over it. No one's sitting in that seat. The blue energy scatters off around the room. The bulb and the beam returns along the track up the row, up the stairs and out the door. Everyone is the audience is the same, continuing on as if nothing's happening. Most of the people are in their seats. A few of them are walking around, coming and going from their seats. I'm standing on the floor in front of the first row by the windows. The glass bulb and the beam return. It gets about half way down the stairs when a person in the audience reaches up and puts the tip of their pen up to the bulb touching the bulb. The pen stays attached to the bulb. The bulb stops. The pen's sticking out like a toothpick. The blue energy is holding the pen onto the bulb. I'm going, "Wow, you can get energy off it." Somebody else reaches up and puts four aligator clips of different colors up to the bulb; red, green, blue, and yellow. They each have a curly wire coming off it of the same color. The clips stick to the bulb the same way the pen does. It appears to be taking energy from the bulb through clips and down the wires.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Play Ball!

We're playing baseball. It's a late inning and a good game. I'm up to bat. The ball comes down the pike right down the sweet spot in the box. I swing and get a piece of it. The bat breaks and the ball goes foul. I look around for a new bat. They're all broken. One has a chunk out of it. Another bat is split. I grab one that's cracked but does not look too bad. I stand at the plate. There's the wind up. The ump starts yelling, "Stop! Stop!" He says I can't use the bat because it's broken. I look on the ground for a good bat. There's plenty of bats but they're all broken or splintered in some way or other. The ground is littered with broken bats or pieces of bat. I pick a bat that's too short and fat. The team is yelling "C'mon!" The Ump goes, "Play ball!" There's one bat that's way too long and has a bulb on the end of it. I find a bat that isn't too bad. It's split right down the middle and "clacks" when I swing it. I step up to the plate. I'm going, "They're all broken." I show the split to the ump and he shakes his head "No" I can't use it. The ground is covered with splinters and shards of broken bats. I get the bat that's super long and has a wooded bulb on the end of it. I warm up a couple swings. It's so long it's kind of rubbery. The bat wraps around me a couple times following through each swing. The team's wandering around the home plate loog down among the broken pieces. I get back to the plate. I'm going, "Man, is this gonna really pull into right field." I take a look out there to see where the right field player is standing. The sun is coming out of right field making it hard to see. I'm going to myself, "Quiet. Don't let the right field player know the balls gonna pull that way." I check my swing a couple times. It wraps around me following through with the swing. The pitcher winds up. The pitch. I swing.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Empty Houses


I'm at a friend's house. It's an old run down trailer house on a hot dry desert lot. I'm sleeping in the yard w/ my sleeping bag. I move around the back to be more comfortable. I wake up to find big hard shell ants crawling on me. I look at them really close to make sure they aren't the red kind that bite. I doze off a little more to wake again and find a giant long yellow wasp flying above my sleeping bag. It goes between the open screen door and the trailer. I bang the door with my the bottom of my fist to kill the bee. It falls somewhere on my sleeping bag. I get up to check my pant legs, making sure it isn't on me. I go in through the trailer's back door. My friend, the dude that lives there, is getting ready to go. There's a kettle of boiling water in the kitchen on the stove. The trailer is completely empty of any household items and very run down: no couch, not tables, no chairs, no boxes.... My friend says he doesn't like the landlord and doesn't plan on staying long. There's a small bathroom with the door closed, but I can see that the light's on. I notice a hole with a plastic bag stuffed in it that goes outside the wall of the empty laundry area. The wall around it is dirty like a rat or small animal comes and goes crawling through it. My friend and I go out the front door to the road. There's a tripod along the side of the road and a camera on the road pointing toward the tripod. Dude is trying to get the shot framed in. Kelly drives up to help with the angle of the picture. He gets a monitor and puts it by the tripod to find where about the camera's pointed. Every one dressed in white and white cargo pants. There's a small ridge in the asphalt by one of the tripod legs that Kelly finds is on the monitor from the camera. I go sit on the spot by the tripod leg. I take my shirt off cos it's really hot and dude has his shirt off. Then we are kicking back near the gravel driveway entrance gate where three's a tree for shade. There's a heart shape helium balloon on a string tied to the gate. A car drive by and honks it horn. My friend goes, "It's the people for the wedding reception." He runs after the car down the gravel driveway.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

20' Plank


I'm carrying a 20' plank up stairs through a narrow stairwell in a small vacation style house. Jack White's ahead of me, helping guide it around a couple corners. I've brought up similar planks before so I know it will fit. We get to the top and he helps me put the plank on a shelf near the ceiling of the upstairs room. He's yakking about how shooting up is bad for you and how it will affect your life. I agree, but think to myself I might try it. A person comes in the room and sits on a super large bed by the window. A cellphone rings and the person answers it. Jack sits cross legged on the bed, looking at the person on the phone. I sit on the floor. The person on the phone asks Jack for a pencil. Jack goes, "Why, who died?" I immediately blurt out, "My farts died, you wanna whiff?" He repeats what I said and starts rolling over, cracking up, laughing. This makes me start laughing, seeing Jack laughing so hard, that I'm rolling on the floor in tears. I go, "That's the first time I ever used that joke and it worked."

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Yellow Bee Bite

Aligning a dish on a pole. I tilt it back to peak it. It pings into position. A yellow bee starts rolling around on it back inside of the dish. I don't think its gonna get up. Sure enough the bee flies into the customer's house and bites the boy in the head.



I'm going to a wedding with Megan & one of her girlfriends. We get to the church. They run inside and ditch me. I search for them for a long time. the wedding couple enter. A large crown of friends come in. the parents arrive. the miss is dressed very nicely. I'm outside still looking for Megan. I'm inside the front room by the fireplace. There's pictures on the mantle and wedding guests in the room.

Velcro Flip Flops


I'm at the house on Hwy 212 and 135th. Kelly's there playing with mookie. there's a trailer there along the East side of the house. I go in to change my clothes. I put on thongs on my feet. They are bright green. Somehow the flip flops strap onto my feet with Velcro. I cant figure them out. I go outside. I set my glasses on the ground in some tall grass. I adjust the though straps to make the work. I go to the font of the house looking for Mookie. I ask my Mom where my Dog is. Mom can't hear cos of all the traffic on the hwy out front. She goes, "huh." I ask again if she's seen my dog. She says Mookie's on the West side of the house playing with the rabbit. Bronks is in the lawn sniffing around. Mookie is right there watching him and protecting him. There are a couple kids walking along and playing in the yard.

Trucking Company


I'm at a trucking company. I get a ride south. The truck is late leaving. I get asked what if it's not going the right way. I say I'll ride it out and hitch back if I have to. The truck finally leaves. It starts going east.



I'm in traffic court. I'm an observer. The people start to enter the court room. We brief the accused not to worry cos they are the family and the judge is their dad. The court begins. The judge is seated and begins to speak over the loud speaker PA. He's in a gray suite. I take a seat in the back of the room. It slopes down, the judge on top, opposite of a stadium. I sit next to the black men who are dressed in suites. The court room is brand new. Gray and acoustic tile. I notice an old hubcap hung on the wall for art. I point out to the men I'm sitting near that there's a giant tractor hubcap suspended from the ceiling too. I make a comment, "Why is that up there for art?"

We're called into the next room. There be an industrial accident. A worker is run over by a scissor lift dump truck. Paramedics are there. It's a beautiful wooden floor room; wood trim, just painted and finished, a large room. A torso of the man is laying on it's back; no head, no arms, no legs. We want to see his stools, so an incision is made just below the rib cage. A bike pump is inserted in the anus. I'm told to build pressure up and force the stool sample out the incision. I'm pumping the air into the intestines. The stool comes out one long piece on a towel.

Key Chain Tooth


I'm looking at my face in a mirror. Next to my lower right K9 tooth is a loose bloody tooth. I wiggle it loose. I squeeze it like like a zit. It pops up and comes out. It's arrow shaped and has a key chain loop on the bottom, one solid piece of bone. The rest of my teeth are still there in good shape.

The Puffin and the Raven


I'm going through a gas station office from the shop through the front door. The mechanic is behind the counter. He has a lady customer. He's going over the bill with her on a yellow pad. He stops as I enter. the lady says to continue anyway. He writes "D.O.L." on the pad. I pass between them and exit through the front door.

I go to a house next door. There's a hearty meal in the living room. I go in the kitchen. No one around. I go through the kitchen to the back porch looking for anyone. I return to the kitchen. There's a chicken head, breast and wing on the cutting board. Except for the head, the chicken's prepared to cook. A Puffin flies up to the open window above the sink and cutting board. It starts to pick at the flesh and eat it. I shoe the bird away. I kindly old man shows up. He asks me what happened to his piece of meat. The Puffin returns through the window. It starts eating the meat again. A Raven flies in. It starts fighting the Puffin bird on the cutting board. The Raven bites down on the Puffin's beak. It snaps off when the Puffin lifts it's head. There' blood under it's nose.

Sticky Stuff


I'm working in a cellar. The three stooges and I are working on the electrical. A wad of sticky glue stuff wont stick to paint, boards painted or petal painted. I'm thinking rubber cement works. I start to leave Larry has several ground wires which came loose. I look for the ground source. There's a water pipe, but it comes out of a fluorescent tube light. I go, "I have some sticky stuff in my van." I go outside under some steps. It's starting to rain. The house is made of cedar wood. There is a square bench. On it, there are three over size books. They are getting wet. I gather them up to take inside; Entertainment Illustrated....

Single Level House


I'm at an expensive single level house. There are a few people around like a family gathering. Ben says he know how to stop a train that's coming. He says if I tip the first box on top of the train, it will start a chain reaction. So I tilt the first box and the rest of the train slams into itself. Every one in the caboose come around, kind of scared, king of happy. They go sit in a room and start drinking expensive booze. I get a drink. I cant drink it. The man next to me has a double shot glass that shots the booze through the bottom. He's drinking clear booze. I'm out front looking at an old wood restaurant sign. People are going fishing. Kelly's using a pole with a long leader for the square lead sinker and another leader for a large hook. the sinker is mounted high on the wall on a plaque. I ask if I can borrow it cos it's so lucky. I pull on it to get it off the wall plaque. It stretches tight and shoots past me. the large hook becomes caught in my back. I reach around and pull it out of the skin on my back. I go back out past the sigh to fish.

Shop Area


I walk into a shop area. Light is coming in the windows. The shop is single story and very long and wide. The shop door is open. I go to wash my hands. They are very oily, greasy and covered with dirt. I get to the stainless steel hand cleaning troff. A work man is there washing his hands too. I'm thinking, "Man, my hands are way too dirty to be washing them here." I dip them into the crystal troff or water, scrubbing off the dirt.

Shit Truck

Steve emptying a shit truck. The watery part comes out. Solid black stuff stuck inside. He pulls the truck into a facility. He tips up rear of truck and big walls of clean water wash out the rest of the truck. Steve is standing in it. 2/16/09

Shipped Parts


I'm sent to find shipped parts. I head off in my F150. I get a little lost. It's at the beach. I get a little lost. It's around blackberrys. I pull into the parking lot. I go inside a shop building. I go across old wood floors. The building's old, mostly level. They have the parts. I return where I started, at work. I tell them I found the parts. A group of us go get the parts; two guys, a girl and myself. I'm driving a semi-truck to get there. We are on the freeway. I miss the exit. I turn off on the next one. Now, I'm lost again. It shouldn't be too bad, just come back a little. I turn around in a seafood packing plant. I come close to the water. I miss a semi parked backwards to the building. Clear the entire turn without backing up. We get lost again. We go in another shop and ask for directions. Walk up old wood stairs. It's an ice cream shop. They give us directions. We return to the truck. We're in a tourist beach town. One of the guys says we have a motor bike. The girl's instantly on it drives off to find the right place. She has a fur skirt on that is puffed out behind her on the bike. We get to the shop. They have all the parts for us ready to go on pallets. The parts are huge, all metal satellite dishes lined up face down. The LNB brackets are on each pallets.



I'm at a seminar or lecture. The group goes into a restaurant from a back entrance from the auditorium. The restaurant has two long tables in the middle. The room is all outside windows. The serving counter is along the back. The food looks great. I cant find a plate. I go from one table to the other looking for a plate. I think I find one. It's in the dirty dishes bin with left overs all over it. I see a take out box on the other table. I think that's good enough. It's being used. I see a stack of paper bowls. By the time I get there I cant find them. I see a snowcone. By the time I get there, a little girl has it. A little boy wants it. There's a ice cube cone above the come cup. I turn around to look at the service bar. One of the kids squirt whipped cream into my left ear. I decide to ask a server if I can have a plate. I'm not sure how to phrase asking for one politely. I eat the whip cream out of my ear with my little finger. It tastes good. I get to the several waitresses behind the counter and ask "may I please have a plate."

Rock Box


Class room art display. A box made from different shades of flat rocks is on the counter at school. The box is four inches deep, ten inches wide and eight inches high. At first I think its edges are wooden frames. I examine it closer to find it's all stone. Behind the counter on the wall are the pictures made from flat stone. There are no images. They are on one thin section of rock mounted in a frame. On the box is a place of gold. The inscription says, "These paintings are made from red, blue, green, and all the colors of stone."

Psyco Bugs

I'm at a theater. Mouse is there. He looks good for his age. Long hair dyed black.

I go to the bar. A beautiful brunette with a gorgeous neck and shoulder length is making eggnog. She's mixing it behind the bar. The drink is in a stainless metal mixer shaker. She adds the nutmeg and then a little more. I'm going, "gee I hope that's not for me, it's got too much booze and nutmeg in it." She mixes the nutmeg with her fingers, messaging the froth on to with her finger explaining to me each step of the process. I examine the shaker which has nutmeg residue on the outside. She's just about to drink it when she goes "oh, I forgot the psyco bugs." Her friend brings over an open can 1/2 full of psycobugs. It's can lid is bent upwards. There's a spoon in the can. The lable's bright green with a picture of a but eyed jolly round cartoon bug on it. She scoops out two bright neon green pimento olive like psycobugs and drops them into the eggnog drink. They flip over on their backs and float upside down with little stubby round wings extended out like the psycobug died and relaxed from it's ball shape.

Old Two Story House


I'm in an old two story house. It's furnished in antique lamps, chairs, painting, sofa, fireplace. I', in the living room. John Lennon's there. We strike up small conversation, all low key. Everything mellow and positive. He has George go get a bowl. We get high. They smoke first. Then John hands me the pipe. It's small, no screen, looks empty. The weeds way down int he small of the pipe. I hit it. It hits good for the little amount of weed in it. We all take off. I return to the house again. I'm not sure I'm supposed to be there but it's okay. It's empty. There's a floor land stand with a light on. It's quiet. It's dark out. I leave again closing the door behind me. I'm walking down a city sidewalk. There are houses on both sides of the street. There are college kids walking around. I become disorientated. I think it's cos I'm high. There are trees in the parking strip.



I'm installing satellite systems. I check in at work to get my route. I have 20 customers; an enormous about of stops. I have a female helper. We take off in my little truck. I tell her I may have to go home cos I don't have my ladder. I look in the back and I have an 8' wooden step ladder. Good enough. We get to the first customer. The kids room that has two tv's and all kind of wiring I unplug the coaxial cable and plug in a gold tipped one directly to the box. The tv picture comes in clear. I show the dad the other coax cable is the one to use for a clear picture but the audio cable goto another tv. He turns up the volume on the stereo and every thing's fine. I run back out to the truck to get the paper work. My helper is sitting with her legs over the drivers sear. I feel like giving her a hug cos the first one went so fast and there's 19 more to go..

I go in the house to sign out. To return to my truck, I have to swing on a rope from an edge by a cyclone fence over water to get to the outside door the rope gets tangled around my hand. I try to kick it around my leg so I can repel. I get so wrapped up I climb back on the ledge. The rope is twisted around around so much it's turned itself into a flat double button round knot. I try untangling and it comes out string and breaks. My helper comes to the door and asks "isn't there another way out." I go through the door and ask the dad where the door is. The mom returns. She doesn't make eye contact and keeps her back to me like she doesn't approve of my work. A kid shows me the the front door. I open it but it's the garage and the automatic garage door is closing. The boy goes "not that door" and leads me down the hall to the front door.



I'm borrowing a HDTV. The speakers are on top of the box they came in which is on the tv. The speakers roll off the box which is on it's end. I put the box on it's back for stability. Put the speakers back. I'm thinking "I know what I'm doing." There are kids around that watch something on the weather channel.

Grocery Store

I'm at a grocery store with Hilde. I'm shopping in the vegatable section. Hilde wanders off. I'm not too concerned. Then I go Looking for her. I walk to the other end of the store. I see her tail and recognize her by her feet. She leads me to the check out counter where she's helping customers out by sniffing what they have in their bags.

Grandma's House


I'm out front of a small grandma's house. There's snow. People are standing out front. One guy is throwing snowballs. One hits a jeep going west. It stops. The driver is of course mad. I go up to the driver's window. He's got a model remote control airplane mounted tail first on the roof for transport. The driver quickly lightens up. I ask about the plane. He gets out and joins the crowd in front of the house. I'm wondering why the model plane is mounted backward. I tell the driver I'll snow ball the guy that hit his car. Throw snow balls at back of guy throwing snow balls.

Garage Door


I roll up a garage door from inside. There's an SUV and large trailer with equipment to unload. It turns around to back in the door. There's all kind of stuff in the way; bag, boxes, mostly black bags of cloth. The SUV starts backing in. there are a couple bags in the way. I'm going they're just gonna run them over.

Dead Ball


I'm at a school. A kid wants me to get a towel. I agree to look around for one. I find a brown red towel. It's wet so I wring it out. I know there's a better towel than that cos I'm at a school. I go in the locker room cos gym class has towels. No other towels anywhere. I find a room full of kids. The heavy set black teacher announces that we're playing dead ball and produces a bright green day glow rubber tennis ball. I begin to pick off the kids one at a time. One nicks her head and she's out. One kid has on his back pack that looks like a jet pack. I get down to the last couple kids. I figure out the easiest way to get them out is to aim for their little black shoes. I win! One of the girls comes up to me steamy mad. Her face is red and scrunched up. Her eyes are crossed. The one left eye is bugging out cos she's so mad. Her fists are clinched. I go "looser." I start showing her the "L" hand sign and going "looser, looser."

Can't Hit a Wrong Note


I'm hiking with a group. On the left is a river. We're going along through trees. We're talking and walking. We come to a gray open space. There is a house that's open aired. We practice up a temptations song with vocal parts. I feel comfortable singing a mid lower range. I cant hit a wrong note. We start dancing, moving the arms and legs in time. The last part of the song, se're dancing clockwise around the house in a line. Somehow, when I pop outside I'm in front of the line, a bit ahead of everyone and a little off in time. When we're finished, the leader shakes his head at me. I go, "I should be at the end of the line."

Blue Blanket


I'm returning a HDTV computer set. It;s in the basement by the washer and dryer. I have help taking each component out to the pick up. I unplug the power cord, which is zip tied across the room on a water pipe overhead. I go bacck for the last thing; a blue blanket. Someone helping goes the guy I borrow it from is gonna be mad cos there's a big patch of dry mud on it. I go he says he doesn't care about it cos it was raining so hard when we got it.

Black Light Bulb


I'm at the track. They send me to the hardware store to pick up replacement light tubes. I get to the store, look around for the phosphorescent bulbs. I find some and try to find my way out. I wind up going downstairs. At the bottom level there is a stairway where skateboarders have been jumping the steps. There are many scrap marks on the wall where they didn't make it. Then I realize I may not have the right bulb. I walk back up to the top floor where the lights are. Sure enough, there are many different lengths and thicknesses. I've picked a thin bulb with round ends. I'm reminded I should get refunded for the one I got by mistake. There is a display of black light art. They are painting on wood of forest themes in glow in the dark paint; an old timer, an owl, a wolf, a log cabin. A lot like velvet picture in black light. There's a display of black light bulbs.

Black Helicopter


The house on 135th and hwy 212 is on a giant pile of floating garbage; mostly white like paper. I'm in the house. I hear a loud motor with a clacking sound. I look out the window. There's a black helicopter slowly flying South from the West past the house. The helicopter is tilted nearly sideways. A couple people in the house go to the window to see. Judging by the motor and tilt, I shout, "It's gonna crash!" The chopper turns around and returns again. I can see the pilots inside their cockpit. It curves around North and crashes out of sight from the window. The motor sound quits. I go outside to see what's happening. The next house North is a boat floating on the garbage, the occupants are on top outside in a panic. I ask my dad where the Helicopter went. He says it crashed into the neighbors house but nothing happened. Then the boat surges up to rest 20 feet above the surface. I go, "uh oh." I wonder if I'm safer on the East side of the house cos it's a little more up hill in the trash.

Big Girl

I'm with a big girl at an outdoor cement area, like a strip mall. She wants to drive to the store. There is a deep rapid flooded water way rushing across the driveway exit. She asks if we can get across if we drive through the torrent of water. I agree attempting it. I have my worries about getting swept away in the car with the water.

Back-Hoe Machine


I'm in a field next to the NW side of house on Hwy 212. I get close to the house where there's a trailer and a family in it. There's a big dog Mookie likes. She starts trying to hump it. I stop that. A lady's driving a back-hoe like machine that has a post hole digger like scoop. They started breaking ground. I pet Mookie. There's a scab under her arm in her arm pit. I pick it off with a little hair.

Baby Elephants


I'm in Africa. I'm told to deliver baby elephants to a wealth man. The babies are trained to kill. They are marked with scratches horizontally between the eyes. I deliver the gifts. It's during a celebration at a large expensive house. It's decorated with art. There are people standing around. I tell the man the elephants are trained to turn on him. He agrees it can be done. He thanks me. I go outside for a long walk up a narrow path to a tall triangle shape wall made of gold. There are patches of grass growing on it here and there. Beyond the wall is sunny and warm desert. There's a slight breeze. I return to the house.

There are several daughters there. The room is two stories tall with windows near the ceiling. One of the daughters are attracted to me. We go outside to go swimming. We go down some stairs. There's a lake by the house. We swim. We're having fun.

All of a sudden a black helicopter rises up from the water. Immediately a couple square articulating nose vehicles fly out of and along the water. The front part of the ship is red, square cone shaped. It articulates in front of a grey square body. I'm going this is the strangest thing I've ever seen. I have a diving mask. I look under water. There's a building where all this is happening from. We return inside the house. The girl seems withdrawn. When I ask her about, she tells me I got her pregnant. I couldn't remember doing it with her. I'm all good with having a baby. The family takes me in.

The men take me down an alley. There is a small cow. They give me a gun and tell me to shoot it and kill the cow which is laying down looking at me. It has a bullet hole in it's cheek. I ask the lead guy, "where do you want me to shoot it." He goes, "in the wound." We walk back. I'm between two white houses up a driveway. The one houses are two story white houses that are typical in Portland. The house has a radio playing from the window. The radio announcer goes, "he has a dollar bill and two balls." They laugh it up. I get to the back yard. There's a concrete wading pool. There are women sitting in chairs which are in the pool. I look for a chair. There's one but it has someone's coat and things on it. There are people wading around the pool. A big fat guy is laying on his back where the water drains into the alley through a fenced gate. His feet are out the gate and his head is toward the pool. There's a tape worm swimming in the pool. It's a couple feet long. One of the kids pick it up. It has centipede feet with white blobs for hands. The kid releases it. The worm swims around the pool.

Alligator Skin Pants


I'm at Megan's. I don't have any clothes on. No one's around. I borrow something to wear. I put on alligator skin pants. They have an extra pair of alligator pant legs that come with them. I put on a large silk shirt that has wide color stripes going up and down. Megan's got a modern apartment. She comes home. I tell her how much I miss her. I rub her back with my open hand.

We're on an ocean going vessel. At first, it's like a ghost ship. All the lights are on. All the equipment is operating. We look around the different rooms. We're in a technology room. There are storage shelves of modern tech things like washers, dryers, microwaves, phones, electronics. I go, "hey, Megan, take my picture." I stand in front of everything. We go to the control room. I'm going this is so cool; the brains of a large ship in the middle of the ocean. Then an engineer shows up in one of the office rooms that have large windows. It's weird cos I thought no one was around. He's friendly; white shirt, black tie, bald. We're in another tech room with windows. There are a few more people around. I go up stairs a floor to the communications center. There are many people running around. The walls are shelves and shelves of LP records. There are tubes from the ceiling where the ladies behind the counters are listening and talking through. The room is full of people hurrying about.

I'm outside by a pond. There are people walking around. A young woman has her bags and suite case with her. She walks straight into the pond without stopping; past her head, in the water. I'm in shock. My Uncle Don shows up in an expensive suit and tie. He does the superman thing with his hands over his head and motions to go save her. I go in the water and help her out. Megan's watching from a ways away.

I'm on a bus. I'm sitting on a side seat. The girl I saved gets on. She sits next to me. She's wet. She has on a soft blue sweater. I look close to see her short brown hair is wet. She tells me her dad sent her to check out coffee bean tree berries. She really gets into coffee trees. I'm watching the faint mustache as she talks. She takes my hand and ends up sitting on it. I think "wow, that cuts out a lot of steps. I ask her when she was walking in the pond, if she was looking up or down. I rub her back with my open left hand. She leans over and kisses me.


I'm in a basement. I go to get my guitar and bring I in the office setting. The guitar's got the bottom back pushed in. I go who broke my guitar. I get out the McCartney bass and it's split broken too. A third guitar is broken too. I go what's going on here cos the bass was in it's case and cant be broken.

86th & Morrision

I'm at my childhood house on 86th and Morrision. I have birds. Some love birds, some smaller. They're mean, bite. They get out of their cage and fly from the dinning room through the swinging door and land on the kitchen floor.

I'm at a bar. There's a girl there and Carrie's there. I'm listening to Carrie talk. I'm wondering how I understand her with her thick accent. I go, "I'm gonna go get my weed." I get back and Carrie's gone. I'm in a wheel chair. I leave. There's a stairway. I find the elevator. There are other people in wheel chairs in the elevator. It gets to the ground floor. I get on a bus. It goes the wrong way. I try calling Megan. The cellphone says "no service." I try it again several times. It should be working.

I'm walking back with a 40. Tige Branch walks up and asks if I wanna go to Safeway. I start walking along and decide to ditch my 40. Tiges up ahead a couple blocks. I run. I'm bare foot. There's rocks and glass.


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Little Town


Shop in littletown. w/girlfiend. There's a small general store. There are lots of pretty single women around. Everybody all goes outside on a yard along side of store. Lots of single women standing around. Girlfriend walks home east on hwy 212. I stand around awhile. Decide to walk home too. I get going a block or so. Realize the way back is complicated, not just a straight road back, but many winding street blocks. I wonder to myself how she made it back. I get to a school with a dome roof. I go down the steps to a sidewalk which is covered in dog poos. Each pile is lined up in a row, facing the same way. A couple kids come up and go "man that's a lot of poops," A laugh. I make my way past it.

I get to another shop. There are set scenes throughout the shop. One is a hallway entrance. Andy's w/ me. We start repairing their flats. I climb upon it to repair a board that goes across the top. I notice nothing is holding up the flat but nails into sheet rock. It falls over a little. We split because we broke it. There are many scenes in the shop. One is a wire desk and typewriter. I get to the back of the building. There's a kitchen scene. While this entire time no one's around, now there's an old lady at her desk. I tell her we do movies and are very interested in her sets. Her husband, dressed in a suit and tie and his little boy are there. I tell her I'll give her my phone and info so she can contact me about it. I go looking on the desk for a piece of paper to write on words. There are many scrapes of paper but none are blank enough to write on. They keep getting smaller and smaller as I dig through the pile. I find a blank page. I pull off the yellow and pink duplicate copies and sit down to write. The railing is too narrow to find the page onto write.