Saturday, November 20, 2010

Grandma's Back Porch

DREAM 06/13/2009

Grandma's Locked-out
I'm just arriving at my apartment. My Grandma, who lives next door has locked herself out of her apartment. She want me to open my apartment back door to the common porch so she can get in her place [confusing that opening my back door lets her in her apartment, parallel universe, but then this is a dream]. I unbolt the lock to the door to the common area. We go out on the porch. Her fruends are there and we sit and visit. She can now get in her apartment next door through her back door.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Blue Bolt of Electrical Energy

Lecture hall. Elevated risers descending to the front row. Where there is to be a stage are large pane glass windows. There are quite a few people in the seats. A few people are just walking around the hall. The doors are in the back. Rows of steps lead down the stands with 12 or so seats between them. I enter the hall through the doors and step down toward the front. As I get to the front first step, I see a large glass bulb moving along tracks that are attached to the ceiling. They go above the steps, down the isle, and turn a few rows up to the right, which would be stage left. They stop over one of the seats seemingly at random, but they can't be random because they are tracks. The bulb enters the hall. It's emitting a bright blue bolt of light. The glass bulb is an upside down tear drop that comes to a long fine tip pointing down. As it travels along the track, the blue bolt of electric energy goes along the floor, up the row and stops over one of the seats that has a table top over it. No one's sitting in that seat. The blue energy scatters off around the room. The bulb and the beam returns along the track up the row, up the stairs and out the door. Everyone is the audience is the same, continuing on as if nothing's happening. Most of the people are in their seats. A few of them are walking around, coming and going from their seats. I'm standing on the floor in front of the first row by the windows. The glass bulb and the beam return. It gets about half way down the stairs when a person in the audience reaches up and puts the tip of their pen up to the bulb touching the bulb. The pen stays attached to the bulb. The bulb stops. The pen's sticking out like a toothpick. The blue energy is holding the pen onto the bulb. I'm going, "Wow, you can get energy off it." Somebody else reaches up and puts four aligator clips of different colors up to the bulb; red, green, blue, and yellow. They each have a curly wire coming off it of the same color. The clips stick to the bulb the same way the pen does. It appears to be taking energy from the bulb through clips and down the wires.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Play Ball!

We're playing baseball. It's a late inning and a good game. I'm up to bat. The ball comes down the pike right down the sweet spot in the box. I swing and get a piece of it. The bat breaks and the ball goes foul. I look around for a new bat. They're all broken. One has a chunk out of it. Another bat is split. I grab one that's cracked but does not look too bad. I stand at the plate. There's the wind up. The ump starts yelling, "Stop! Stop!" He says I can't use the bat because it's broken. I look on the ground for a good bat. There's plenty of bats but they're all broken or splintered in some way or other. The ground is littered with broken bats or pieces of bat. I pick a bat that's too short and fat. The team is yelling "C'mon!" The Ump goes, "Play ball!" There's one bat that's way too long and has a bulb on the end of it. I find a bat that isn't too bad. It's split right down the middle and "clacks" when I swing it. I step up to the plate. I'm going, "They're all broken." I show the split to the ump and he shakes his head "No" I can't use it. The ground is covered with splinters and shards of broken bats. I get the bat that's super long and has a wooded bulb on the end of it. I warm up a couple swings. It's so long it's kind of rubbery. The bat wraps around me a couple times following through each swing. The team's wandering around the home plate loog down among the broken pieces. I get back to the plate. I'm going, "Man, is this gonna really pull into right field." I take a look out there to see where the right field player is standing. The sun is coming out of right field making it hard to see. I'm going to myself, "Quiet. Don't let the right field player know the balls gonna pull that way." I check my swing a couple times. It wraps around me following through with the swing. The pitcher winds up. The pitch. I swing.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Empty Houses


I'm at a friend's house. It's an old run down trailer house on a hot dry desert lot. I'm sleeping in the yard w/ my sleeping bag. I move around the back to be more comfortable. I wake up to find big hard shell ants crawling on me. I look at them really close to make sure they aren't the red kind that bite. I doze off a little more to wake again and find a giant long yellow wasp flying above my sleeping bag. It goes between the open screen door and the trailer. I bang the door with my the bottom of my fist to kill the bee. It falls somewhere on my sleeping bag. I get up to check my pant legs, making sure it isn't on me. I go in through the trailer's back door. My friend, the dude that lives there, is getting ready to go. There's a kettle of boiling water in the kitchen on the stove. The trailer is completely empty of any household items and very run down: no couch, not tables, no chairs, no boxes.... My friend says he doesn't like the landlord and doesn't plan on staying long. There's a small bathroom with the door closed, but I can see that the light's on. I notice a hole with a plastic bag stuffed in it that goes outside the wall of the empty laundry area. The wall around it is dirty like a rat or small animal comes and goes crawling through it. My friend and I go out the front door to the road. There's a tripod along the side of the road and a camera on the road pointing toward the tripod. Dude is trying to get the shot framed in. Kelly drives up to help with the angle of the picture. He gets a monitor and puts it by the tripod to find where about the camera's pointed. Every one dressed in white and white cargo pants. There's a small ridge in the asphalt by one of the tripod legs that Kelly finds is on the monitor from the camera. I go sit on the spot by the tripod leg. I take my shirt off cos it's really hot and dude has his shirt off. Then we are kicking back near the gravel driveway entrance gate where three's a tree for shade. There's a heart shape helium balloon on a string tied to the gate. A car drive by and honks it horn. My friend goes, "It's the people for the wedding reception." He runs after the car down the gravel driveway.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

20' Plank


I'm carrying a 20' plank up stairs through a narrow stairwell in a small vacation style house. Jack White's ahead of me, helping guide it around a couple corners. I've brought up similar planks before so I know it will fit. We get to the top and he helps me put the plank on a shelf near the ceiling of the upstairs room. He's yakking about how shooting up is bad for you and how it will affect your life. I agree, but think to myself I might try it. A person comes in the room and sits on a super large bed by the window. A cellphone rings and the person answers it. Jack sits cross legged on the bed, looking at the person on the phone. I sit on the floor. The person on the phone asks Jack for a pencil. Jack goes, "Why, who died?" I immediately blurt out, "My farts died, you wanna whiff?" He repeats what I said and starts rolling over, cracking up, laughing. This makes me start laughing, seeing Jack laughing so hard, that I'm rolling on the floor in tears. I go, "That's the first time I ever used that joke and it worked."

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Yellow Bee Bite

Aligning a dish on a pole. I tilt it back to peak it. It pings into position. A yellow bee starts rolling around on it back inside of the dish. I don't think its gonna get up. Sure enough the bee flies into the customer's house and bites the boy in the head.



I'm going to a wedding with Megan & one of her girlfriends. We get to the church. They run inside and ditch me. I search for them for a long time. the wedding couple enter. A large crown of friends come in. the parents arrive. the miss is dressed very nicely. I'm outside still looking for Megan. I'm inside the front room by the fireplace. There's pictures on the mantle and wedding guests in the room.