Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Play Ball!

We're playing baseball. It's a late inning and a good game. I'm up to bat. The ball comes down the pike right down the sweet spot in the box. I swing and get a piece of it. The bat breaks and the ball goes foul. I look around for a new bat. They're all broken. One has a chunk out of it. Another bat is split. I grab one that's cracked but does not look too bad. I stand at the plate. There's the wind up. The ump starts yelling, "Stop! Stop!" He says I can't use the bat because it's broken. I look on the ground for a good bat. There's plenty of bats but they're all broken or splintered in some way or other. The ground is littered with broken bats or pieces of bat. I pick a bat that's too short and fat. The team is yelling "C'mon!" The Ump goes, "Play ball!" There's one bat that's way too long and has a bulb on the end of it. I find a bat that isn't too bad. It's split right down the middle and "clacks" when I swing it. I step up to the plate. I'm going, "They're all broken." I show the split to the ump and he shakes his head "No" I can't use it. The ground is covered with splinters and shards of broken bats. I get the bat that's super long and has a wooded bulb on the end of it. I warm up a couple swings. It's so long it's kind of rubbery. The bat wraps around me a couple times following through each swing. The team's wandering around the home plate loog down among the broken pieces. I get back to the plate. I'm going, "Man, is this gonna really pull into right field." I take a look out there to see where the right field player is standing. The sun is coming out of right field making it hard to see. I'm going to myself, "Quiet. Don't let the right field player know the balls gonna pull that way." I check my swing a couple times. It wraps around me following through with the swing. The pitcher winds up. The pitch. I swing.

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