Wednesday, February 10, 2010

20' Plank


I'm carrying a 20' plank up stairs through a narrow stairwell in a small vacation style house. Jack White's ahead of me, helping guide it around a couple corners. I've brought up similar planks before so I know it will fit. We get to the top and he helps me put the plank on a shelf near the ceiling of the upstairs room. He's yakking about how shooting up is bad for you and how it will affect your life. I agree, but think to myself I might try it. A person comes in the room and sits on a super large bed by the window. A cellphone rings and the person answers it. Jack sits cross legged on the bed, looking at the person on the phone. I sit on the floor. The person on the phone asks Jack for a pencil. Jack goes, "Why, who died?" I immediately blurt out, "My farts died, you wanna whiff?" He repeats what I said and starts rolling over, cracking up, laughing. This makes me start laughing, seeing Jack laughing so hard, that I'm rolling on the floor in tears. I go, "That's the first time I ever used that joke and it worked."

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