Thursday, February 18, 2010

Empty Houses


I'm at a friend's house. It's an old run down trailer house on a hot dry desert lot. I'm sleeping in the yard w/ my sleeping bag. I move around the back to be more comfortable. I wake up to find big hard shell ants crawling on me. I look at them really close to make sure they aren't the red kind that bite. I doze off a little more to wake again and find a giant long yellow wasp flying above my sleeping bag. It goes between the open screen door and the trailer. I bang the door with my the bottom of my fist to kill the bee. It falls somewhere on my sleeping bag. I get up to check my pant legs, making sure it isn't on me. I go in through the trailer's back door. My friend, the dude that lives there, is getting ready to go. There's a kettle of boiling water in the kitchen on the stove. The trailer is completely empty of any household items and very run down: no couch, not tables, no chairs, no boxes.... My friend says he doesn't like the landlord and doesn't plan on staying long. There's a small bathroom with the door closed, but I can see that the light's on. I notice a hole with a plastic bag stuffed in it that goes outside the wall of the empty laundry area. The wall around it is dirty like a rat or small animal comes and goes crawling through it. My friend and I go out the front door to the road. There's a tripod along the side of the road and a camera on the road pointing toward the tripod. Dude is trying to get the shot framed in. Kelly drives up to help with the angle of the picture. He gets a monitor and puts it by the tripod to find where about the camera's pointed. Every one dressed in white and white cargo pants. There's a small ridge in the asphalt by one of the tripod legs that Kelly finds is on the monitor from the camera. I go sit on the spot by the tripod leg. I take my shirt off cos it's really hot and dude has his shirt off. Then we are kicking back near the gravel driveway entrance gate where three's a tree for shade. There's a heart shape helium balloon on a string tied to the gate. A car drive by and honks it horn. My friend goes, "It's the people for the wedding reception." He runs after the car down the gravel driveway.

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